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Today, people with special needs in the Estonian society are deprived from going out to public events, such as attending sport events – whereas sport should be open to everyone given its uniting character. In our vision, we want people special needs to be fully part of this.

Therefore, we would like to make sport events more accessible to people with special needs. We make call for action to Estonian sporting associations to take initiatives to lower barriers for people with special needs. For example, Estonian sport associations could organize meet & greets between players and people with special needs, take initiatives to increase accessibility or offer free tickets for people with disabilities and accompanying person.

Taking such initiatives would not only allow sporting associations to raise their own social profile but also contribute to raising awareness of people with special needs in the society at large.


Today's event is very special for children with special needs. By signing this important agreement, the official Estonian sports association gives us a definite helping hand. This is a unique event. Sport, is a wonderful activity that unites and develops, always gives hope and faith for the better. This is what is most needed for children with special needs.
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